Episode 53: Politics and the Netroots Protest Against SOPA and PIPA


The page no procrastinating High School senior wanted to see.

On this week’s episode of Legally Easy, we cover the winnowing Republican field and the netroots protest against SOPA and PIPA (the Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act, respectively). Who will run against Obama in the fall? What can the Occupy movement learn from the SOPA protest? And how successful was it?

The answer to that last question, it seems, is quite successful. The two bills lost dozens of supporters in the twenty-four hours surrounding the protest, and millions of internet users who were previously ignorant of SOPA and PIPA now know what they are.

Our guest this week is journalist Tim Lee. In addition to covering both bills for Ars Technica, Tim has a Computer Science background and helps explain how SOPA and PIPA would block websites. We ask him what he thinks the fate of these bills will be and where he thinks we go from here.

Charley and Eva also spend some time discussing politics. We cover both the steadily shrinking field of Republican presidential candidates and President Obama’s upcoming State of the Union address. We debate what Mr. Obama will say and what we wish he would say.

We really enjoyed our episode this week. Tim Lee brought a lot of expertise to a confusing issue and, if you’re curious about SOPA, PIPA, or the big online protest Wednesday, there’s a lot of great information in here. As always, feel free to leave questions and thoughts in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.

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