Episode 9: It’s a WikiLeaks World


WikiLeaks has been dominating conversations and the news for weeks now, and it doesn’t look to be getting old anytime soon, especially given Assange‘s intimations about an upcoming exposé on a corporation. To catch up on what’s going on with WikiLeaks and how it affects governments, corporations and you, we talked to Canadian legal commentator Omar Ha-Redeye. Listen to the podcast to find out why this is now a WikiLeaks world, and how we’re just living in it.

00:00 This week’s introductions include fellow Rocket Lawyer blogger Ian Ferguson, who’s been writing a lot about WikiLeaks for Legally Easy and Rocket Lawyer Press (you can also catch him at Sociable Lawyer). We give a little bit of background on WikiLeaks in the news before jumping into the interview.

07:43 For a bit of international flavor, we interview Canadian legal blogger Omar Ha-Redeye. We talk about the ramifications of WikiLeaks on international politics, on corporate life, and on freedom of speech. You can also find out more about the federal SHIELD law.

28:39 In the spirit of the holidays (and because we couldn’t figure out an “either or” take on WikiLeaks), we’re giving you break from the Rocket Docket. But be back in your jury box next time!

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  • http://omarha-redeye.com Omar Ha-Redeye

    Thanks for having me on the show.

    Here’s another article from the ABA Newsletter on passwords, and the Gawker story can be found here.