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Why We’re Here

Everyone has an opinion on politics, society and what’s going on.  So do we.  Our goal is to ask the right questions and join in debate without shouting (at least not all the time), recognizing that there are already plenty of places to engage in loud arguments in a polarized world.

Thinking about why things are the way that they are, and how they should be, we’ll often ask questions that take us back to first principles. We think that there genuinely is a social contract at the heart of civilization, and like any contract, our social pact is ultimately based on the rule of law.  So, while we don’t focus on legal issues exclusively, we’ll refer to the law frequently, as a guide.

Article 3 is really a place for sharing the stories we see and hear, and a platform for other voices to participate. Combining written pieces — short and long — with video and audio shows, we hope there will be something for everyone.

We hope you’ll stay a while and join the conversation.

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Charley Moore
Founder and Publisher


In addition to what I do for Article 3, I’m the Founder and Executive Chairman of Rocket Lawyer, a father and an avid little league baseball coach.

I started Rocket Lawyer to make it easier and more affordable for everyone to access basic legal services. Growing up with a dad who was an entrepreneur in the inner city, I lived the business cycle (crime and punishment, good and bad government, risk and reward) throughout my childhood. Sometimes we were up and sometimes we were down. Good legal counsel can be the difference between success and failure, joy and heartbreak and, in some cases, life and death.

I played high school football and participated in track and the mock trial team, before heading to the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland for college. I graduated with a degree in history and varsity letters in track and field. As a Navy officer, I served as a research assistant for a Pentagon study, before being deployed to the first Gulf War.

After the war, I was stationed in the San Francisco bay area, where I live today. I went to U.C. Berkeley for law school, and loved learning about the intersection between law, economics and technology. I’ve been working at this intersection ever since.

Today, I feel lucky because I get to live in one of the great cities of the world, travel extensively, meet new people and work with wonderful teams.

We’re dedicated to making the law more accessible, and while we’ve made progress toward our goal, we have a long way to go. Thanks for joining us in this conversation.


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